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The specific acquisition procedures of the “Mobile Surface-to-ship Missile Launching System ”procurement program were initiated

On Monday, October 1st, the Ministry of National Defence, through the Department for Armaments, initiated the specific acquisition procedure on the “Mobile Surface-to-ship Missile Launching System (MSMLS)” procurement program, by multiannual delivery contract, over 2018-2022, according to the provisions of Government Decision no. 630/2018.

The coastal batteries represent an essential defensive capability for Romania, as a Black Sea bordering state, which will provide for the defence of the littoral coastal zones against the threats posed by the surface ships.

Following the acquisition of the mobile surface-to-ship missile launching system, the Romanian Naval Forces will be able to conduct timely combat actions, all over the national littoral zone, from pre-established or unarranged positions, both during day and nighttime, no matter the hydro-meteorological conditions.

An essential criteria for the contract awarding will be the offset-type operations: the economic agent that will be attributed the multiannual contract will have the obligation to build, on the national territory, a manufacturing/assembly/testing and maintenance infrastructure at the level of a state-owned capital economic agent from the national defence industry, which is authorized and registered according to law .The economic agent must integrate the MSMLS components, perform maintenance operations throughout the life-cycle of the systems, so that the systems should not be sent outside the national territory for repair works during crisis and wartime and implement future MSMLS modernization solutions.

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