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Exercise “SEESIM 18”

The War Gaming and Doctrinaire Experiments Center of the Romanian Defence Staff will host the “”SEESIM 18” simulation training exercise (South-Eastern Europe Simulation 2018) over 26-29 November 2018, as part of the South Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial regional initiative.

Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and personnel assigned within the Headquarters Multinational Brigade South-East/SEEBRIG participate in the ninth exercise from the “SEESIM 18” series. Turkey holds the Chairmanship this year, while Romania will be co-director of the exercise. The novelty is that the Republic of Moldova will take part in this exercise as participating nation.

In this edition of the exercise, Romania participates with two simulation training centers, the War Gaming and Doctrinaire Experiments Center of the Ministry of National Defence and the Virtual Training Simulation Mobile Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from Târgu Mureş. In support of the participants’ training in the exercise, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will also employ its Emergency Medical Assistance Training Center (SMURD Caravan), which will execute training sessions on the simulator and first-aid training sessions.

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SEESIM Exercise is one of the main projects conducted under the aegis of the South Eastern Defence Ministerial / SEDM.

The goal of the exercise is to promote cooperation, coordination and interoperability during the CIMIC operations and strengthening the response to crises within the country as well as among the SEDM member states, by means of an efficient computer modeling and simulation.

“SEESIM 18” aims at improving the lessons learned during the previous exercises, testing the response structures during emergency situations in case of natural disaster, humanitarian aid, cybernetic attacks and effects of terrorist attacks as well as increasing interoperability between SEDM participating countries and SEEBRIG Command.

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