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General Reith appreciates the Romanian contribution to the operations in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan

Teodor Atanasiu talked with General Sir John Reith, deputy Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces Europe (DSACEUR) and commander of the Europen Union’s operations on the necessity for NATO to finance some capabilities on our country’s territory. Minister of National Defence stressed the important role Romania has in securing the Alliance eastern borders and its access to the Middle East by specific capabilities available to NATO.

General Reith was received today, March 21 by the Minister of National Defence, Teodor Atanasiu and met the chief of General Staff, General Dr. Eugen Badalan.

DSACEUR appreciated the Romanian contribution in NATO and EU operations ongoing in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. About “Althea” operation, Reith considered the offer for replacing the Romanian Engineers with specialist in military intelligence as a very useful mission for the European Union in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About the operations in Iraq, they talked about the progress NATO had in training the Iraqi security forces. About Afghanistan, General Reith said that having in view the step by step enlargement towards the West and South of ISAF operations they would appreciate if the Romanian Infantry Battalion now deployed in Kandahar would continue the mission in the future under NATO command.

DSACEUR appreciated the fact that Minister Atanasiu and General Badalan agreed in principle on these. “NATO and the European Union can evolve from the military point of view, only by complementarity” Badalan stated at the meeting with Reith. Thus, the Romanian contribution of forces would be available not only to NATO but also to the European Union, and they would be used according to these organizations’ specific military necessity.

General Sir Reith pays an official visit today in Romania, invited by chief of General Staff, General Dr. Eugen Badalan.

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