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Rumsfeld appreciates the Romanian participation in “Enduring Freedom” operation

“I address the Romanian Armed Forces thanking them and expressing gratitude for participation in Operation Enduring Freedom” stated the US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld who visited Wednesday April 13, 05 at the military base in Kandahar where the 300th Infantry Battalion is deployed.

According to the information transmitted by Captain Florin Paraschiv, the Battalion PR officer, Rumsfeld also had a meeting with the commanders of the units of the Coalition Forces acting in Southeastern Afghanistan. Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Soci, the Romanian commander also took part in this meeting.

In his speech, Rumsfeld said: “Every time I visit Afghanistan I am impressed by the progress achieved. At the same time I remember that the men and the women in uniform helped the Afghani people to build their future”.

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Actualizare: 23.02.2019