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Soldiers of the Romanian 2nd Infantry Battalion “Calugareni” found unexploded ammunition parts during a patrol mission, on Saturday, May 14th, at about 80 kilometers south-east of An Nassiriya, along the Bagdad – Basra road.

Twenty-one 82mm launcher shells, nine antitank launcher grenades AG-9, two 155mm explosive shells, and 20 artillery ammunition parts.

The Romanian patrol under the command of Lieutenant Catalin Smeureanu followed standard procedures, marked the area and called the specialized teams from the Italian EOD (exploded ordinance disposal) detachment.

According to Captain Carol Florea, public information officer with the 2nd Infantry Battalion “Calugareni”, it is for the third time that the Romanian patrols find such unexploded ammunition parts which can be used to make improvised explosive devices, including car bombs.

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