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Romanian Participation to Crisis Management Exercise in Georgia

Forces and means from the Ministry of National Defense will participate between September 6 and 27, 2004 to “RESCUE MEDCEUR 2005” international exercise occurred in Georgia, at Tbilisi and Batumi.

The aim of the exercise is the training of a crisis response multinational intervention force. The scenario represents the training in humanitarian actions, mainly salvation of civilians and medical assistance in calamity stricken areas.

15 countries (Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, FYROM, Georgia, Moldavia, Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, USA and Ukraine) are participating to this exercise.

The Romanian detachment consists in “Constanta” school ship, students from “Mircea cel Batran” Navy Academy, military doctors, students from the Medical-Military Institute from Bucharest, combat divers and two medical helicopters.

During the “RESCUER MEDCEUR 2005” exercise there will be shows of military equipment and first aid new proceedings in case of calamities and disasters.

The Batumi population will have the opportunity to visit “Constanta” school ship while it will stop in the harbor. The Romanian participants will visit the Navy Academy of Georgia and will be received by the local authorities.

“Constanta” ship is destined to multiple logistics of combat affairs and anti submarine and anti aircraft surveillance. Helicopters can be on board and the students from “Mircea cel Batran” Navy Academy can train on.

“Constanta” was in training marches in 1991 and 1994 on Mediterranean Sea, and in 2001 and 2003 the military students participated to the cultural project “ODISEA” developed in the Mediterranean harbors. The project was initiated by the International Institute of Mediterranean Theater, in France together with Bulandra Theater from Bucharest.

The students from the Medical-Military Institute participated in 2004 in Latvia for the first time to the international exercise from “RESUE MEDCEUR” series.

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