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The ceremony marking the opening of academic year 2005-2006 was held today at the National Defence University. On this occasion, an effigy of King Carol I, the founder of this military education institution, was unveiled.

The event took place in the presence of the President of Romania, Traian Basescu, H.M. Michael I, H.H. Patriarch Teoctist, the Defence Minister, Teodor Atanasiu, the Chief of the General Staff, General Eugen Badalan, the military attaches accredited to Romania, as well as of officers-students of the University and the students of the National Defence College.

Speeches were made by the President of Romania, by H.M. Michael I, by the Defence Minister, by the Commandant of “Carol I” National Defence University, General Mircea Muresan.

Speech by Academician Dan Berindei
Speech by Defence Minister Atanasiu

Speech by Defence Minister, Mr. Teodor Atanasiu, at the opening of academic year
National Defence University
Bucharest – October 1, 2005-

I am greatly honoured to share your feelings at the opening of a new academic year in an institution that rightfully ranks among the top military higher education establishments, an institution that now bears the name of its founder, King Carol I.
The National Defence University’s traditions make us believe that the Romanian higher military educadion can fully meet the present requirements. They are the challenges at the national security, the dynamic changes of the military body, also, Romania’s membership in the most powerful alliance in history and its readiness to accede to the European Union.
I have recently visited the theatres of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and I have seen how the Romanian troops accomplish the most complex tasks. It is very important for us to find the most efficient ways to implement the experience gained during our participation in international operations to the Romanian military education.
Practically, the scientific research in the armed forces, the performances of the graduates, the connections with the education systems in the NATO member countries encourages us to think that this is not a difficult task.
The National Defence University’s new structure and present curriculum, the qualified didactic staff and the valuable officers and students can make their contribution to a highly improved education.
While the armed forces are undergoing a new stage of the restructuring process, aiming at a flexible, mobile and efficient force, your duty is to make all efforts to improve yourselves, to acquire a modern, dynamic approach of work, based on the desire to know more and to improve your professional standards.
The Ministry of National Defence has created the necessary conditions and will continue to support all efforts made by the College and the University with a view to accomplishing the assumed tasks and goals.
I wish you many successes in your activity and I hope this academic year, 2005-2006, will mark your way to a career you will all be proud of in the future.

God help Romania’s Armed Forces and all its servants!

Speech by H.M. Michael I
Speech by President Traian Basescu
Speech by the Commandant of "Carol I" National Defence University

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