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The “Black Scorpions” 20th Infantry Battalion in mission within “Antica Babilonia” operation were visited in Mittica camp, at the end of the week, by Major General James Dutton, the MNDSE commander.

Lieutenant Colonel Nicolae Ioan, the Romanian Battalion commander informed Major General Dutton on the Detachment capability and missions performed till now. They also discussed on risks and threats in their area of responsibility and the way the “Black Scorpions” cooperate with the Iraqi authorities and local population.

General Dutton declared the cooperation within MNDSE is very good, the Division being really a multinational one, and all the contingents are working together as in “Ariette” Brigade, too, where the Romanians and the Italians are working.

The British guest together with the Battalion leadership met the Romanian soldiers at their sub-units and visited the military equipment parking.

General Dutton accepted the invitation to drive a Romanian B 33 “Zimbru” amphibious armored carrier. “I am impressed by the robustness, armor and fire power of this military vehicle and I am convinced the talent and training of the Romanian mechanics is very important for the future successful missions of the Romanian Infantry Battalion”.

At the end of the visit General Dutton found out the “Black Scorpions” are preparing the celebration of the Romanian Armed Forces Day, October 25, and he congratulated them. “I am very grateful for the job the 20th Infantry Battalion is doing. Like their predecessors, the Romanians are improving the Iraqi life conditions and are contributing in establishment of democracy in Iraq” General Dutton stated.

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