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Nr. 87 12.04.2021

Resilience, the central topic of a webminar organized for the first time by the MoND and NSC in the process of defining the Strategic Compass at the EU level

State Secretary for Defence Policy, Planning and International Relations, Simona Cojocaru, participated on Monday, 12th April at the webinar “Building Together A More Resilient Europe. Military Assistance To Civilian Authorities”, organized by the Ministry of National Defence, in partnership with the New Strategy Center.

Nr. 86 12.04.2021

The ninth rotation of the Anti-air Defence Detachment deployed to Poland

The soldiers who ensure the ninth national rotation of the Anti-air Defence Detachment participating in the NATO Polish Battle-group left on Monday, 12th April, towards the military base from Bemowo Piskie, in order to participate in the mission of ensuring the enhanced Forward Presence - eFP on the Northeastern Flank of the Alliance.

Nr. 85 12.04.2021

The MoND Cybernetic Defence Command, at Exercise LOCKED SHIELDS 2021

The MoND Cybernetic Defence Command participates in the international defence cybernetic Exercise LOCKED SHIELDS 2021, with a team made up of 21 specialists, over 13th-16th April.


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