Medical Assistance Directorate



1. Responsibilities

2. Functions

3. Attributions

4. Contact

5. Normative acts on organization and function of public authority or institution


1. Responsibilities

The Medical Assistance Directorate is the central specialized body elaborating the unitary conception for organizing, endowing and functioning of the medical and veterinary assistance in the Armed Forces, in peace time, in crisis and war time and continuous improving and modernizing the medical assistance to prevent the sickness, to preserve and improve the health condition necessary for maintaining the Armed Forces high readiness.
It ensures the fulfillment of partnership goals and draws up the operative and administrative military standards according to the agreements on standardization and the military medical publications in obtaining the interoperability with NATO structures.
In the specific activity the Medical Assistance Directorate cooperates with military leading structures, the House of Insurance of Health of Defence, Public Order, National Security and Legal Authorities,  Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Administration and Interior and civilian authorities with responsibility in medical assistance, sanitary-pharmaceutical and sanitary-veterinary activities.

Medical Assistance Directorate’s responsibilities:

a. Operational medical assistance – is part of logistics of forces and represents all the medical assistance activities, soldiers’ medical evacuation and medical logistic support, according to the operational needs, during generating, deploying and going on missions in theaters of operations, and regenerating time.

b. Prophylactic and curative medical assistance that is to be achieved through :
1. ambulatory medical assistance;
2. primary medical assistance;
3. medical assistance in hospitals;
4. dental medical assistance

c. Provision of pharmaceutical supply and medical logistic support for medical operational structures with drugs, sanitary-pharmaceutical materials and medical devices is made by the Medical assistance Directorate specialized structures according to the laws in force, being integrally budgeted by the state budget.

d. Medical recovery assistance aims to reinforce the state of health of the military and civilian personnel provided by the MoND specialized medical units.

e.. Medical military expertise – is an integrated and multidisciplinary medical activity comprising the followings:

1. medical military expertise to select the persons choosing to achieve a military career;
2. medical military expertise for the MoND personnel, part of evaluation of state of health

f. State sanitary inspection and state veterinary inspection are activities of prophylaxis, specialized specific and budgeted from the state budget;

g. Scientific medical military research aims to ensure the followings:

1. specific and non specific medical  protection of soldiers and civilian population towards chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons (CBRN);
2. protection of soldiers  towards the long lasting physical and psychical stress

h. Supply of pharmaceutical materials for treatment and prophylaxis of diseases the CBRN agents produced in specialized production units, subordinating to the Medical Directorate and/or in cooperation with other specialized units.

i. The medico-military education and the human resources management –essential in forming the medical and sanitary military personnel.


2. Functions

2. a. Main functions
The achieve of medical curative – prophylactic assistance in the armed forces is performed through the following medical and pharmaceutical formations:

1. Center of Diagnosis and Treatment
2. Territorial Military Hospitals
3. Medical Centers of Health, subordinated to the military hospitals
4. Pharmaceutical and Central Regional Centers

2. b. Complementary functions

1. Elaboration and application of programmes of health in the armed forces;
2. Identification of environmental factors, professional risks including, with direct impact on the state of health and application of protective measures
3. Recovery medical assistance of the personnel


3. Attributions
a.Organization, endowment and function of medical assistance and sanitary-veterinary system in the armed forces, in peace time, crisis and war time and management of human resources and mobilization;
b. Drawing up and application of programmes of health in the armed forces and ensurement of combat operative and specialized readiness;
c. Continuous improvement and modernization of curative-prophylactic medical assistance in the armed forces;
d. Identification of environmental factors, professional risks including, with direct impact on health and elaboration and application of protective measures;
e. Medico-military expertise in the Ministry of National Defence;
f. Coordination of medico-military education activities, medical and medical-military research and medical informatics;
g. Supply of sanitary-pharmaceutical materials, marketing of medical support (drugs, sanitary materials, instrumentarium, apparata and medical equipment, service activities) and sanitary veterinary assistance.


4. Contact
 Address : Bucuresti, strada Institutul Medico-Militar, nr. 3-5, sector 1, cod  010919
Phone: 3196011/132; 3196008/132, 170
Fax: 3196004
Working programme: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


5. Leadership

Major General Doctor Professor  Ioan Sarbu, Ph.D., chief of Medical Assistance Directorate
Brigade General DoctorMihai Marius Muresan, Ph.D. deputy chief of Medical Assistance Directorate



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