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General James Jones at the “Red Scorpions”

“ I have a special admiration for the Red Scorpions due to their important contribution in ensuring the state of peace and security in Afghanistan. You are making the difference and writing the history. I am proud being together with you!” stated General James Jones, SACEUR and US Europe Forces Supreme Commander, yesterday, in Camp Julien near Kabul.

During the visit of NATO official to ISAF mission he visited the Red Scorpions Romanian Battalion, part of the unit destined to ensure security during the Parliamentary elections in Afghanistan. Now, more then 850 soldiers of the Romanian Army are participating to Enduring Freedom and ISAF missions.

After the call of the Red Scorpions and the Dragons – the 120 US soldiers subordinated to the Romanians from Craiova – General Jones stated : “ Your mission is a complex one but I do hope it can become a successful one … Since I am the SACEUR commander, about two and a half years, I never saw a place where NATO is present and have more progress then here in Afghanistan. The reason of this progress lays in front of me. You are the people making the difference by your daily work and behavior. Each ISAF member worth to be congratulated for his work granted to this dramatic transformation … It is still a lot to do but with perseverance, courage and sacrifice this mission will be a successful one”.

At the end of ceremony the delegation participated to a presentation of the calendar, the election campaign organization and development and the measures ISAF took for the increase of security in their area of responsibility during the elections.

Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Toma commander of the 26th Infantry Battalion presented the organization, capabilities and missions the Red Scorpions and the US Company are to perform there. At the end of the visit General Jones visited the Camp and discussed with the Romanian and the US soldiers.

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