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A military delegation headed by General Hilmi Ozkok, commander of the Turkish Armed Forces will pay an official visit between October15 and 17, 03 in Romania invited by General Dr. Mihail Popescu chief of the Romanian General Staff.

General Ozkok will be received by Ion Iliescu President of Romania and will have official talks at the Ministry of National Defense Headquarters with Ioan Mircea Pascu minister of National Defense and General Dr. Mihail Popescu chief of General Staff.

The discussions will be focused on the bilateral military Romanian-Turkish relations and the military implication of each of the states in securing peace and security in the region. In the same time they will review the latest evolutions within ''2+2 initiative'' (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey) and the perspectives in developing its aims.

The talks will also be focused on the situation in Afghanistan and the Romanian Armed Forces contribution to ISAF and ENDURING FREEDOM. In the same time they will made an exchange of opinions on the political military situation in the Balkans and will present the position of the two states for solving the hotbeds in this area the former Yugoslavian one, especially.

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