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The Military Technical Academy - on the 3rd place of the technical universities' top

The Bucharest Military Technical Academy, the high military education institution with accreditation to develop the studies of license, master and doctorate degrees for "engineering sciences" was classified on the 3rd place of the top of the technical universities.
"Capital" Review and Kienbaum Management Consultations German Company performed the University Ranking study to scientifically classify the high education institutions according to the scientific rules to measure the trust and satisfaction in the Romanian educational offer.
The research was focused on 84 state and private universities, 395 responders from 35 national and international companies who only referred to 52 universities from their total number and 3,131 graduates, most of them having their license since 1995.
The employers have been asked to make the evaluation only based on the observations the leading persons made on the institutions the employees have graduated. This is an important indicator having in view the educational product (graduates) in the competitiveness in business.
As for the technical universities' top, the Military Technical Academy gained the 3rd place after the University of West and Transilvania University from Brasov and having in view the above mentioned criteria, it gained the 1st place - theoretical education, the 1st place - practical orientation, the 6th place - foreign languages and the 10th place - international expertise. These were the results on a small number of the Technical Military Academy graduates (0, 54%).

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Actualizare: 12.12.2018