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A Romanian soldier lost his life while participating in a multinational exercise in Germany

A soldier died and other four were injured in an accident produced on Friday, September 5, during "Saber Junction 14" multinational exercise conducted at Hohenfels Training Center, Germany.

The medical staff of the unit gave the first aid to the injured soldiers but, in spite of all efforts, First Sergeant Adrian-Constantin Leu died shortly after the incident occurred. The injured soldiers are hospitalized in medical units from Germany.

Adrian-Constantin Leu had been an employee of the Ministry of National Defence since 2001, was unmarried and participated in three missions in the theaters of operations from Iraq and Afghanistan.

During the tactical exercise, the HMMWV the five soldiers were in turned upside down at the entrance on a secondary access route. The causes that led to the occurrence of the accident are investigated by a board established at the level of the unit.

The defence minister, Mircea Duša, sends condolences to the family of First Sergeant Adrian-Constantin Leu and has been permanently informed on the health status of the other four injured soldiers. Military and religious ceremonies for the commemoration of the deceased non-commissioned officer will be organized in all units of the Romanian Armed Forces on Monday, September 8.

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