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The signing of the Letter of Offer and Acceptance for the procurement of the PATRIOT systems, at the MoND Headquarters

The ceremony for the signing of the Letter of Offer and Acceptance in order to initiate the acquisition of the PATRIOT High Surface-to-Air Missiles systems took place on Wednesday, November 29th, at the MoND headquarters, in the presence of Defence Minister Mihai Fifor and of the US Ambassador in Romania, Hans Klemm.

The PATRIOT systems will enter the property of the Romanian Land and Air Forces the second part of year 2019, the first system being scheduled to achieve full operational capability at the middle of 2020.

The procurement of the seven surface-to-air missile systems is of crucial security interest for our country, taking into consideration that the ground-based air defence capability will provide for the strengthening of the national and regional security, at the same time significantly contributing to the consolidation of the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America.

Romania, as a NATO and EU state member has the obligation to continue intensifying its efforts in the defence and security field. In the current political and military context, the Romanian Land and Air Forces must have credible, flexible and efficient long-range ground-based air defence systems and capabilities in order to deter the aggressions against Romania and articulate an adequate answer to the current and future challenges of the security environment.

The Minister of National Defence, Mihai Fifor, thanked the American partners and appreciated that Romania was becoming a more important ally for NATO. Also, the minister pointed out that the consolidation of the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America is a priority for a Romania. „The signing of the Letter of Offer and Acceptance is a first step in a long-term cooperation relationship”, minister Fifor said.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Hans Klemm emphasized several important elements of the execellent cooperation between Romania and USA. „ As Secretary Tillerson said in his remarks yesterday, at the Wilson Center, the United States is very, very appreciative of Romania’s commitment both as a strategic partner and as an ally within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And as part of being an ally within the [NATO] organization, Romania has, unlike many, many other allies undertaken to meet a commitment made by the Alliance to spend more than two percent of national income on defense. Again, Mr. Minister, your commitment to achieving this objective has been very, very welcome not only by me and also by the Secretary of Defense Mattis”, the US Ambassador said.

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