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Cyber Coalition 2018 Cyber Defence Exercise

CYBER COALITION 2018 Exercise, the amplest cyber defence exercise organized by NATO, is conducted over 26-30 November 2018, having the Command Center in Tartu, Estonia. The exercise is planned by the Allied Command Transformation and led by NATO’s Military Committee, aiming at training and testing the Alliance capability in defending the computer networks against the third-party challenges, when the operations are conducted in an environment where cybernetic confrontations occur.

Representatives from all member states of the Alliance - from the military, academic and private sectors - participate in the event. The exercise is a distributed-type one, each nation participating from its national territory by securely connecting to the cybernetic network ensured by the Estonian Ministry of Defence, which was configured for this type of exercise by the CyberInt Center of the Romanian Intelligence Service.

Romania participates with a team of over 70 people, coordinated by the Ministry of National Defence, which operate at the Center of Excellence for Advanced Cybernetic Security Technologies, Military Technical Academy, Bucharest.

The team is made up of representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romanian Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunications Service, Protection and Guard Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, CERT-RO (National Response Center to Cybernetic Security Incidents) and private partners with expertise in the field of cybernetic security from Avira, Bitdefender, Deloitte, Oracle, Provision, Safetech and SecureWorks.

The goal of the exercise is to practice rapid coordination procedures and measures between the national experts and the Alliance ones who use their abilities in managing a series of scenarios whose complexity increased constantly over the past years. By using a controlled virtual environment, all participants face complex threat scenarios and have to come up with solutions.

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