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The repatriation ceremony of "Rechinii Albi" from Topraisar

The repatriation ceremony from Iraq of the militaries from the 341st Infantry Battalion "Rechinii Albi" will occur Friday, March 13 starting 10 a.m. in Topraisar.

The militaries between August 2008 and February 2009 performed more than 1,200 missions thus contributing to the effort of reconstruction of Iraq, ensuring the security of the main transport routes, the guard of important objectives, the protection of the Multinational Coalition forces, the training of the Iraqi militaries and the coordination of the projects of improvement of life of inhabitants from the Dhi Qar province.

They participated in construction or rehabilitation of eight schools and five water filtering and purification stations, construction of a medical clinic and a veterinary one, rehabilitation of a road, construction of an electrical network, and support of small private enterprises in agriculture by giving them special equipment to collect and preserve the fresh milk.

It is the third mission for the militaries from the 341 Infantry Battalion in the theaters of operations after the West Balkans (ROFND VIII, IX, X) in 2004-2005 and Afghanistan in 2006.

The guest invited to participate in the ceremony, together with the militaries' relatives are the MoND representatives and the public local officials.

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