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Appointment to the Land Forces' Staff

Major General Dan Ghica Radu was appointed chief of the Land Forces' Staff in a ceremony held today, March 19, at the Land Forces Staff Headquarters.
The Minister of National Defence, Mihai Stanisoara, and the chief of the General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Ph.D. and the representatives of the MoND central structures were the participants in this event.
The new chief of Land Forces' Staff received the command from Lieutenant General Teodor Frunzeti, Ph.D. who was appointed commander (rector) of "Carol I" National Defence University.
After the read of the order of appointment, Lieutenant General Teodor Frunzeti, Ph.D. handed to the new chief of Land Forces Staff, Lieutenant General Dan Ghica Radu the Land Forces' identification flag.
The Minister of National Defence congratulated Lieutenant General Frunzeti for his activity in leading the Land Forces and for the Romanian militaries' achievement in the theatres of operations and wished Major General Ghica Radu good luck in his new position.
Lieutenant General Frunzeti stated a brief report on the activities the Land Forces developed during his mandate and thanked to his fellow-workers for their support.
On his turn, Major General Dan Ghica Radu stated he is deeply honored to return to the Land Forces and to command these forces which have been commanded by persons characterized by a high level of professionalism, real intellectuals.

Major General Dan Ghica Radu was commander of the Reconnaissance Subunit, chief of staff of Mechanized Regiment, commander of Reconnaissance Battalion, commander of Mechanized Brigade, director of Land Forces' Staff, commander of Land Forces' Command, chief of directorate within the General Staff and commander of "Maresal Alexandru Averescu" Joint Operational Command. In 2007 he was appointed the deputy chief of staff for coalition operations of the Multinational Force in Iraq. He graduated the High Military Studies Academy, courses on strategy and operations, NATO College, Rome, Superior College of Staff, National Defence College, and other courses, and he took his degree of master in "Executive Power and Public Administration", National School of Political and Administrative Studies.

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