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The Day of the National Flag is to be celebrated on 26 June, through a ceremony organized in the Tricolorului Square in Bucharest, in front of the Palace of the National Military Club, from 10.00 hrs.
During the ceremony organized by the Ministry of National Defence in cooperation with the Prefect’s and Mayor’s Offices, the National Flag would be blessed by a military priest and would be hoisted up the pole in the square, against the musical background of the Romanian national anthem.
Invited to the event were representatives of civilian, military and religious institutions, foreign defence attachees accredited to Bucharest, war veterans, reserve and retired military personnel. On this occasion, at 13.30 hrs., the "Regele Ferdinand I" National Military Museum opens an exhibition called "History of the national flag, 1830-2012", presenting Romanian the military colors and banners, since their creation in 1834 to the present day, as well as different accessories.
Troops in the other garissons in the country and theaters of operations will participate in the public ceremonies for the hoisting of the National Flag.
The Day of the National Flag was established by Law No. 96/1998, to be celebrated annually on June 26.

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