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Mariana Drăgescu, Pilot in "Escadrila Albă" Passed Away

The leadership of the Ministry of National Defence expressed the deepest regret for the passing away of Commander Marie-Ana-Aurelia (Mariana) Drăgescu, former pilot in the medical squadron aka "Escadrila Albă" [White Squadron] during WW2.

Her passing away leaves an immense empty space in the hearts and souls of the Romanian military personnel, whether members of the Air Forces or not, people for whom Mariana Drăgescu represented a symbol of courage, commitment and a role model.
May she rest in peace!

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Mariana Drăgescu, aged 100, was decorated with Emblem “Onoarea Armatei României” [Honor of the Romanian Military] on 7 September 2012, when she turned 100.

Marie-Ana-Aurelia (Mariana) Drăgescu began flying a double control aircraft in 1935, being the seventh woman to get a pilot’s license in Romania. In 1937, she worked at the Royal Air Club and later, in June 1940, at the Ministry of Naval and Air Transport, as a pilot. She was mobilized in 1941, went to the front as member of the Escadrila Sanitară, aka the White Squadron and participated in the war on both fronts to the last day.

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