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Cavalry March: U.S. Soldiers Cover the Road from Mihail Kogălniceanu to Cincu

About 400 U.S. troopers assigned to the 2nd Squadron, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment with over 80 technical means will participate in the Cavalry March that should cover the distance from Mihail Kogalniceanu (Constanța) to Cincu (Brașov), over May 13 and 14.

“This event will demonstrate our strong relationship with Romania and our ability to move freely along interior lines across the NATO Alliance”, said the representatives of 2nd Cavalry Regiment that will participate in exercise „Sarmis 15”, conducted in Cincu.
“This will also be a combined effort to show interoperability and we will defer to the Romanian Armed Forces on all coordination and emerging issues.”

While crossing Ploiești, Sinaia and Brașov, the US soldiers alongside their partners from the Romanian Land Forces will participate in public events under the motto „respect for the past, hope for the future”.

The military vehicles involved in Marșul Cavaleriei/Cavalry March will travel in groups lest they produce traffic jams. They will travel from Mihail Kogalniceanu through Hârșova, Slobozia, Ploiești, Sinaia and Brașov, on their way to Cincu. On the itinerary they will cover there will be temporary traffic restrictions, which people are asked to observe.

On Wednesday, May 13, the Shopping City Mall of Ploiești will host, from 15.30 to 19.00 hrs., a welcome ceremony. The public is invited to participate and interact with the soldiers participating in the march. Decathlon sports base will host a football game between the American soldiers and the ones of the 2nd Valahia Logistic Base from Ploiești and a basketball game with pupils of Dimitrie Cantemir National Military College from Breaza.

In Sinaia, from 10.00 to 11.30, on Thursday, May 14, American and Romanian soldiers will pay a tribute to the memory of the American pilots who fell during WWII. There will also be a wreath-laying ceremony at the Heroes’ Monument in Vulturii Libertății Square. People are invited to attend.

Also on Thursday, from 15.00 to 18.00, the public in Brașov is invited to attend the welcome ceremony organized at the George Barițiu County Library. Participants will have the opportunity to see the American and Romanian vehicles and to learn about the possibilities of following a military career.

Interested parties will also be able to follow the events online, as they are posted, under the hash tags, #CavalryMarch and #MarsulCavaleriei.
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Some 1,500 troops from Canada, Great Britain, Romania and the USA, along about 200 combat means will participate over May 15 to June 6, in the multinational exercise with real live simulation and live firing „Sarmis 15” conducted in Brașov garrison and at the Land Forces Training Center in Cincu.

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