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Capu Midia Beach Under Attack

About 1200 Romanian and American troops will participate in SPRING STORM 17 bilateral Romanian and American exercise, organized by the Romanian Navy over March 16 to 22, across different parts of the Black Sea and the littoral zone of Capu Midia. The exercise includes complex defence actions of the Romanian littoral and urban zones with the support of naval, land and air forces.

Landing of the Romanian and US Marines detachments from the USS Carter Hall (LSD-50) landing ship are scheduled for Saturday, March 18. At sea, the landing forces will be attacked by missile corvettes Zborul and Lăstunul, while Regele Ferdinand fregate, Contraamiral Macellariu corvette and Slt. Lupu Dinescu mine sweeper will simulate support of the landing and attack repellingr. Air simulation will be made by two MIG 21 Lancer of the Romanian Air Force.

The Navy also participates with a Puma Naval helicopter in the maneuvers, also a speed boat for divers, an EOD divers detachment and a company of the 307th Marines Battalion. The Air Force will bring a Puma helicopter and a SPARTAN C 27 aircraft into the exercise, while the Land Forces will participate with an Infantry Platoon, two recce armored carriers, and the US Coast Guard bring a patrol ship into the exercise. Beside the landing ship, the US Navy participate with a Marines Company and a logistic support team of the US Naval Forces Europe. On Monday, March 20, the program includes launching STINGER anti-aircraft missiles, firing 82 mm howitzers and infantry weapons at the ground-to-air shooting range (TIPTSA) in Capu Midia.

The main goal of the exercise SPRING STORM 17 is enhancing interoperability between Romanian and US soldiers and improving the skills to command and carry out a joint amphibious operation. The exercise was scheduled in the Plan of Activitites within the Romanian-American Strategic Partnership as one of NATO’s measures to ensure the collective security of the allies in the Black Sea region.
Journalists interested in participating in the activities scheduled on Saturday, March 18 and Monday, March 20 at the ground-to-air shooting range (TIPTSA) in Capu Midia should send their requests at e-mail, NLT 12.00 hrs., on Thursday, March 16. The transport of the journalists from Constanța to Capu Midia is ensured by the Navy Forces, whereas further details will be sent through e-mail.

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