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Military and religious ceremony for Transfagarasan's anniversary

A military and religious ceremony for the 35th anniversary of Transfagarasan way occurred Sunday, September 20 at Balea Lac (DN7C- 2030 meters in altitude).
In the ceremony the participants were the State Secretary Dan Tataru, the deputy chief of Land Forces, Major General Ion Palsoiu, the former militaries from the 52nd Engineering Regiment "Alba Iulia" that have arranged the northern sector and the militaries from the 1st Engineering Regiment "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" that have arranged the southern sector, the former civilian specialists in building, and the representatives of the Minster of National Defense, of the National Association of Militaries in Reserve and Retreat and of the local public authorities and the tourists.
They evoked the important moments from the five years of efforts to construct the way and the good cooperation that existed between the Romanian army and the civilian specialists to achieve an unique and multifunctional way - way of communications, touristic way and of strategic importance.
The Emblem of Honor of the Romanian Armed Forces was handed over during the ceremony, to 31 militaries that have participated in the construction of the way.
In the message the MoND leaders send, the State Secretary Dan Tataru said: "We have to remark the effort the Romanian military Engineers and the civilian builders did in only five years to make a way through the rocks, a way that was planned to be build in 20 years. The veterans that are here now, and those who are no longer among us, are the Pride of the past, present and future Romanian Armed Forces. Looking on this way, one can imagine the time of 1970-74 when from the soldier up to the commander, together with the designers, they have found the most ingenious technical solutions. Those five years represents a page of history that the military engineers wrote with toil. They also build Canalul Dunarea-Marea Neagra (Danube-Black Sea Channel), the present Palace of Parliament, the subway in Bucharest and many other important buildings. This building site of Transfagarasan was an important exercise for the Romanian military Engineers who proved their expertise in many other important applications. Let us salute this achievement and let us honor them!"

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